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There comes a time in everyone's life when they need a Doctor. More specifically, The Doctor. Not just a time traveling, two-hearted man with a blue police box for a ship, but a person who can remind them that they are brilliant.

The Doctor doesn't tell his companions that they're stupid or worthless, he makes them feeling appreciated and bright, even though he's full of knowledge. He doesn't hold grudges over mistakes, even if it nearly causes the end of the universe. He forgives them and turns it around. The Doctor sees all the faults of humanity, but he also sees the good. He admires them for being strong and resilient. He applauds them for it.

We can't all get our hopes up for meeting The Doctor, but we can always be sure we can meet someone like him. I knew a doctor once. He was kind, even when I wasn't. He was bursting with knowledge and potential, but he never made me feel like an idiot. He forgave me even when I broke his heart. And he always told me he thought I was brilliant.

But like all of his companions, I had to let go. The man I knew as my Doctor was taken from us, but he still lives on somewhere out there. Someday our paths will cross again, but until then, I'm sitting here on Earth.

One  day, I hope everyone will have a Doctor come into their lives. I hope everyone will have someone to tell them they're brilliant and make them feel wanted. I'm not a doctor, but to all of you people reading this: you are brilliant, and you are wanted.
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September 3, 2012


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